JEWELLERY WORX is the result of a third generation jeweller family. While each generation in the family ventured off and graduated in varied fields of commerce, our business roots eventually brought us back to what we know, what we are comfortable with – jewellery & watches.

The family businesses have over the past 2 decades established a very eloquent, profound relationship in horology. Coming from a line of Swiss graduated watchmakers, we preserve & continue this knowledge & ensure that our watchmakers are graduates of the illustrious ‘The Watchmakers of Switzerland’ academy before being accepted as part of the Jewellery Worx team.

From diamond cutters to age old Goldsmiths, master jewellery craftsman and Watchmakers, our connections give us an almost unmatched edge in the trade.

Be it jewellery, watches, diamonds or accessories, each item in store is hand selected by the owners thereby allowing us so stand behind the Jewellery Worx assurance of quality. While our jewellery has changed with the tides and times, one constant is our family values of quality assurance, value for money and an unmatched level of personalised customer service.


AT JEWELLERY WORX we do custom designing of rings; bridal or others, pendants, even earrings. You will find that we use only quality diamonds certified by independent diamond grading labs. With us, you can create your own jewellery, re-design your dream ring, or even upgrade your existing diamond. We also do remodelling of existing jewellery, resetting, or simply adding or removing particular stones to give an entirely new look. Do you have your own diamonds or precious stones - we can set it in your favourite earring, pendant, or ring design.

JEWELLERY WORX can design the jewellery of your dreams; your own unique piece from start to finish. We include you in this experience by producing 3D renders which we share with you from onset of design.
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